Visual Art

Experiments: voronoi-geometry, materials and light. Executed with Corona render in Cinema 4D. 2020

Poster proposal for European Forum Alpbach 2021. (Top 3 of the selection), 2020

Cover design for a single by MATAYA (Berlin-based performance artist and musician), 2020

Illustration for NAKE Magazine. Topic: Panopticon of the 21st century. 2020

3D visualizations of a bottle-design for Padre azul tequila. 2020

Cover design for a single for Tony Renaissance (Vienna based musician), 2020

AR-Artwork for Forward Festival Magazine. A 3D-sculpture hovers in AR via the Forward App. 2020

Mixed media experiment (watervolor, digital post-processing) 2019

Experiment: geometry and reflections. 2020

Experiment: reflection and refraction. 2020

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