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A Populist’s Guide

To: shaping democracy – 7 steps to dictatorship.
An award-winning design project.

Virtual Architecture

Experimenting with architecture in virtual space. Different projects.

Carbon Dioxide

Data visualizations for Architekturzentrum Wien.


Optical Personality Rating & Evaluation System.
A critical design project on AI in late capitalism.

Printed Portfolio, PDF

Check out my PDF portfolio for an exchange at Tokyo University of the Arts GEIDAI.

Experiments in 3D

Focusing on 3D, showing experiments and projects for different clients.

Insights (IG)


Andreas Palfinger

Multidisciplinary designer with focus on visual arts and virtual architecture.
Vienna based, globally active.

Andreas uses approaches of design and fine arts to deal in a conceptual way with complex topics, as the destruction of democracy or biased algorithms. Furthermore he is playfully experimenting with extravagant aesthetics and beauty, creating virtual spaces, critical design projects and oil paintings.

He works as graphic– and product designer and studies at the University of applied Arts Vienna »Die Angewandte« (class for Graphic Design / guest at Design Investigations / Industrial Design 2 and in Painting and Animated Film), was exchange student in Architecture at Bauhaus University Weimar and will be studying from Autumn 2021 on at Tokyo University of the Arts GEIDAI.

Andreas got honored internationally, among others at the International Design Awards, the Art Directors Club of Europe Awards and the New York Festivals AD Awards.
Recently the renown communication design Magazine »Novum« published a detailed article about one of his projects.

CV → view PDF
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instagram → @andreas_palfinger


Vienna Biennale for Change
Climate Care / Movement in urban space

Vienna Design Week
FYVM: Designers as Troublemakers

A Horse in a Jungle
Painting and Animation Film

Angewandte Festival 21

Expanded Realities and Networked Voices
within CIVA (Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art)
Vienna’s Media Art Festival

Orangerie of Post–Materiality
Vienna, Worldwide

go4spring, Architecture and Urbanism
Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany

Weimar, Germany

Dis_Tanz, Performance
Weimar, Germany

What a Year
Joseph Binder Award winners
by Design Austria
Designforum / Museumsquartier Vienna

Angewandte Festival 20
Vienna, 2020

Virtual Music Festival, Design of a VR Space Vienna, 2020

Graphic Matters
Information Superpower
Breda, NL, 2019

Die schönsten Bücher Österreichs, Deutschlands, der Schweiz und der Niederlande
The most beautiful books of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands
Initiated by the Typographic Society Austria
Vienna, 2019

Critical Care, Architecture for a Broken Planet
Architekturzentrum Wien
Vienna, 2019

Out of Balance
Angewandte Festival 19
Vienna, 2019

Handschrift und Fotokunst
Salzburg, 2019

The Essence 18
Vienna, 2018

Alphabet of Life / Biomimicry
Werkraum Bregenzerwald
Vorarlberg, 2018

Design-Thinking in Art (solo)
Salzburg, 2018

Mephistophelia (solo)
Salzburg, 2017

Show Off
Hallein, 2017

Group exhibition at Summeracademy of Fine Arts
Salzburg, 2016

Salzburg, 2016

Salzburg, 2016

Jössas, an Art exhibition (solo)
Salzburg, 2015

Zur Gunst der Kunst
Salzburg, 2015

Make it Big (photography)
Fotohof Salzburg, 2015

4 Jahreszeiten
Salzburg, 2014


14th International Design Awards
2 X Gold
Category: Print Editorial & Other Graphic Design
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
2021, Los Angeles

New York Festivals AD Awards
Category: Student / Graphic Design
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
2021, New York

Red Dot Award
Best of the Best Award
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
2021, Berlin

European Design Award
Category: Internal Project / Student Project
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
2020, Valencia

ADC*E Awards
Category: European Student of the Year
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
Hosted by the Art Directory Club of Europe.
2020, Barcelona

Category: Student of the Year
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
Hosted by Creativ Club Austria.
2020, Vienna

Joseph Binder Award
Category: Editorial Design.
for A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy.
Hosted by Design Austria.
2020, Vienna

CCA Awards
Category: Student of the Year
for the project Dr. Google.
Hosted by Creativ Club Austria.
2019, Vienna

Published in

Speaker at Forward Festival Munich
main stage, Wix Playground

for ADC*E Festival by CCA
Art Directors Club of Europe +
Creative Club Austria

Winners Talks Podcast, Creativ Club Austria

Panel discussion:
CIVA (Contemporary Immersive Virtual Art)
Vienna’s Media Art Festival

Talk / virtual exhibition tour:
Creative Days Vienna
by Vienna Business Agency

»Novum World of Graphic Design«
Published article, international issue
Featuring the project A Populist’s Guide To: Shaping Democracy
DE, AT, CH, 2020

Published AR-Artwork and illustration in Forward Festivals magazine
Vienna, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, 2020

Nake Magazine
3D Illustration »Panopticon of the 21st Century«

CCA Yearbook
Creativ Club Austria
2019 and 2020

Exhibition Publication

Published poster-design in the book Blank Poster
Norway, 2019

Show_Off Magazine
Artist Portrait


University of Applied Arts Vienna
Class for Graphic Design (main)
Prof. Oliver Kartak
2017 — now

Die Angewandte, Class for Graphic Design: “Our vision of a contemporary and future-oriented professional profile of graphic designers involves the development of designers as independent personalities, who are able to work in all current and future media and take a serious and critical approach to their responsibilities in social and economic matters. The service of responsible designers does not entail delivering complaisant propaganda. Hence, it does not consist of visual communication alone. Responsible design is permeated by a value system based on a sustainable and positive service to people of all cultures. Accordingly, the importance of social, economic, and ecological competence is growing.

The spectrum of tasks in the Graphic Design Department includes conceptual thinking and content research, developing an awareness of global contexts, and a sense of personal responsibility in the shaping of our environment. In our definition, graphic design as a discipline is not a separate field of work but an attitude towards life. In this way, students learn to work with time-based media, interactive media and print, installation, performance, photography, illustration, brand and corporate design, typography, packaging, information and exhibition design as well as sound design. Soft and hard skills are taught in the context of changing semester themes. Interdisciplinary projects are realised in collaboration with other departments of the University of Applied Arts to expand the methodological skills of the class. Research and commissioned projects train the students to develop professional relations with public and private institutions. Regular lectures held by graduates of the department offer further preparation for a professional life after graduation. Workshops and lectures by national and international experts from various disciplines enrich the study programme on the levels of craftsmanship, design, and intellectual discourse.”

Bauhaus University Weimar
Exchange Semester
W 2020

Exchange semester at the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany, doing an intruduction-semester to Architecture in one of Germanies most reknown schools.
Architectural studies are interdisciplinary and take place alongside the discourseand cultures of the neighbouring disciplines of art, design and planning. In the Bachelor of Architecture study course, renowned professors in the field communicate analytical, creative and construc- tional aspects of architecture.
The bachelor course comprises lectures and coursework that provide a theoretical and practical foundation in the principal areas of architecture, equipping you with knowledge and skills for design and presentation, construction and technology, and the theory and history of architecture, urbanism and landscape architecture.

University of Applied Arts Vienna
Design Investigations / Industrial Design 2
Prof. Anab Jain
W 2019

A program conducted by Prof. Anab Jain from Superflux. Design Investigations is a design course at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, based in Industrial Design – working within Speculative Design approaches. It’s for the curious and the critically engaged. It’s for people who want to face the complexities and uncertainties of our world head-on. It’s for the responsible radicals who want to challenge and change the world around them. It’s a place where people come together to design tools, experiences, stories and provocations that help to create a more hopeful and humane future for us all.

The course provides a rigorous education that uses critical thinking, investigative research, material prototyping and conceptual speculation to design objects, experiences, stories and systems. You’ll explore the designer’s role in dealing with real-world challenges, probing the limits of our current reality while addressing the future of design and its role within society, culture, politics and the environment.

International Summeracademy of Fine Arts
Course by Senam Okudzeto

A course by Senam Okudzeto (Basel, London, Ghana, New York City): “Unorthodox approaches do drawing. The programme is designed to accommodate a range of needs, so that artists who are new to, or uncomfortable with the medium can easily work with those who are more skilled. This class mixes unorthodox and conventional drawing techniques with an aim of both improving drawing skills and developing experimental approaches to drawing and representation.”

College: Graphic- and Communication Design
HTL Salzburg
2011 — 2016

A college with focus on “graphic and communication design”. All important basics are taught, including programs (e.g. Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and so on), to draw/create by hand as well as a skilled handling with shapes, colours and contrasts.
After that the education focused on photography, for instance on how to use a DSLR camera and photography computer applications like Adobe Lightroom and principles about image composition, lighting etc. Many photography projects were based on this, like conceptualizing whole photo series or working in the in-house photo studio. Afterwards it was all about print and screen design. Students learn how to design apps or setup websites. The projects got gradually more and more extensive: whole magazine layouts, corporate designs, packaging design, fair stands, guide-systems and even full map designs.

All years through there are some highly specific subjects, like marketing and communication theory, composition and picture, art history, typography, history of design, film and animation or printing technology. This know-how is used in diverse projects – the conceptual theory is combined with practice and design expertise.
Simultaneous with a general higher education (e.g. natural sciences, applied mathematics, history and geography classes)
The entire education at this school culminated in the conception and technical elaboration of a final diploma project as well as the written and oral Matura (= school leaving examination / diploma examination) in »graphic- and communication design«.


»Depatriarchising Pixel Lands«
The Rodina

»A Workshop on Labour«
Ruben Pater

»Title Sequences, Graphics & Film«
Evi Romen

»Hacks, Neorealismus, Subversion und Post-Situationismus«
Conny Runner, Peng! Collective


Mechanical Designer by Dessault Systems

Cambridge English Level 2 Certificate in ESOL International (Advanced), Level: C1


Andreas Palfinger

mail →
instagram → @andreas_palfinger

Available for freelance jobs, just drop a mail.

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Andreas Palfinger 2020, Imprint

Andreas Palfinger